American Car and Foundry Company World War II era photographs

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    The American Car & Foundry Company purchased the Jackson and Sharp Company of Wilmington, Delaware, in 1901. From the end of World War One to 1938, the plant built small pleasure boats. During World War Two, its production was devoted to building landing barges, LCM tank lighters, aluminum pontoons, plywood smoke barges for the American forces, and YMS minesweepers for the British Navy. The plant was closed around 1945.
    These photographs document different activities at the American Car & Foundry Company shipyard in Wilmington, Delaware, during World War Two. There are several photos taken on the occasion of the presentation of the Army-Navy "E" award (1942). Images show ship launchings, shipbuilding, BYMS British motor minesweepers, an undated bird's eye view of the A.C.F. plant, and caricatures of A.C.F. draftsman, Robert C. Martin. The collection also includes a small badge with the words, "War Service Ship Building," and the image of a ship. Click here to view the finding aid for the collection.
    Image: Bird's eye view of the A.C.F. plant, undated. Click here to view this image in the collection.

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