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The Talking Hoist production stills
The Miracle on Mulberry Street production stills
Cinecraft, Inc. muti-camera filming technique demonstration
The Ohio Story - Background Art
Production stills, Scott & Fetzer movie
'Miracle on Mulberry St.' film still
'The Velvet Curtain' film stills (contact sheet)
Cinecraft staff photograph, set equipment
'A Fan Family Album' production still
'You Bet Your Life' cast and crew
'From Now On' cast and crew
'Ohio, the Growth State' set photographs and film stills
'Television Televised' film still
'Miracle on Mulberry St.' film stills
Cinecraft staff photograph, art department
Production still
'Ohio, the Growth State' production stills
'Our Part of the Job' film set
'Ohio Story' production still
Production stills, 'Miracle on Mulberry Street'
Cinecraft staff photograph, 'Ohio, the Growth State'