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Cinderella and her godmother
Print of a Hoopes, Bro. & Darlington wheel
Trifid Nebula, 1874
Sun and Moon Stand Still
Musk Ox
Triumph of Gideon
Madonna's Workshop of Joseph
The War against Gibeon
The second Crusaders encounter the remains of the first Crusaders
Kashmir goat
The Golden Calf
Stag and doe
Engraving showing steel ingots being transported to rolling mill
Engraving of Bessemer converters at Pittsburgh Steel Works (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Illustration of William Sellers & Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Machine shop interior with cranes
Copy of engraving of a view of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Gasparus Comes des Colligni: Dominus de Chastillon, Francia
Gaspar IV, du nom Duc de Coligny, Seigneur de Chastillon
Engravings of Gaspar de Coligny