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'The First Fifty Years at Carney's Point', The Carney's Pointer
Repauno Works 75th Anniversary
The DuPont Fabtonian, July 1950
Du Pont Louisville Works Highlights
Spruance Cellophane News - 25th Anniversary Issue
'DuPont - 77 Years Along The Niagara', Yerkes News
DuPont Historical Highlights, 'Cellophane Observer'
'DuPont Rayon Co. Old Hickory Plant in Operation', Textile World
The Chambers Works News
du Pont de Nemours, E. I. & Co. Plants
Old Hickory Cellophane: A Quarter Century of Progress, 1929-1954
'DuPont Will Close New Jersey Plant', Wilmington Journal-Every Evening
'Safety Champ', Forbes magazine
Disposition of Five Du Pont Munitions Plants, World War I, 1913-1926 - Historical Study No. 77
Senate Munitions Committee's Commentary on Old Hickory Contract
Facts and Figures: The Savannah River Plant of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
'An Industrial Chemical Achievement in New Jersey', The Indicator
'Newark Plant History', Newark Spectrum
Newport News: History of the Newport Plant
Waynesboro Salutes DuPont's 20th Anniversary
Expansion of Du Pont Plant Facilities
Old Hickory: The World's Greatest Powder Plant, the Building of Which Broke All Speed Records for War-Time Construction
America's Greatest Industrial Opportunity: Hopewell, Virginia