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Work six days a week : we must work as American freeman now or later drudge as German slaves
The New Era of peace and good-will will be real only as we among ourselves practice good-will. : Good-willed men whether employers or employees, are the bulwarks of the Nation. : Let us prove our patriotism
Our part
Get the habit : of doing things right
The truth : we are in real war, up against a most brutal foe
Stick to your job
"Carry On, Mates"
Get the habit of doing things right
Help win the war : we can help by our work, we can help by working every day : help by working full time : we can help by keeping on the job as long as the job needs us : absence from work, tardiness, indifference help Germany
We must win : to make the world free -- and a better place in which to live
The battle line is not alone in France! : the battle line runs through our mills and factories here at home. Everyone engaged in making things necessary toward winning the war is on the real battle line of freedom
How to win
Win the war for freedom