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List of causes for trial and argument, before the Honorable Nicholas Ridgley, Chancellor of the State of Delaware, on Friday, the 14th day of April, A.D. 1820
Shall we abolish our Republican form of government??
Do you want the Eighteenth Amendment repealed? --
Instructions to be observed by miners or others in using nitro glycerin
Genuine Boyd's porcelain lined caps for Mason's jars : none genuine unless the porcelain lining has the imprint
The famine in China : letter from -- & Wade, K.C.B., British minister at Peking
Fellow workingmen of Philadelphia
Fifty-fifty : those who work at the benches must stand shoulder to shoulder with those who work in the office : together we win, divided we lose : let us cooperate in producing that prosperity may continue
All together let's continue production and insure prosperity
Let us strive to make the future even busier and brighter than the past has been
No place like home : the United States is the best home in the world : to preserve and perpetuate it we need to cooperate more in order that there may be more produced, and hence more to divide
Hold your Liberty Bonds! : Don't trade : there is nothing better or safer than a U.S. Government Liberty Bond
An appeal! : to secure the fruits of victory we must all be patient and generous while changing from war work to peace work : this applies alike to wage workers and employers : both must be willing to give and take during the period of readjustment