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The Chambers Works News
Old Hickory Cellophane: A Quarter Century of Progress, 1929-1954
DuPont Rayon Co. Old Hickory Plant in Operation
Waynesboro Salutes DuPont's 20th Anniversary
Repauno Works 75th Anniversary
Du Pont Louisville Works Highlights
America's Greatest Industrial Opportunity: Hopewell, Virginia
du Pont de Nemours, E. I. & Co. Plants
Spruance Cellophane News - 25th Anniversary Issue
Newark Spectrum
Cellophane Observer: DuPont Historical Highlights
The DuPont Fabtonian
Safety Champ
Senate Munitions Committee's Commentary on Old Hickory Contract
Disposition of Five Du Pont Munitions Plants, World War I, 1913-1926 - Historical Study No. 77
Old Hickory: The World's Greatest Powder Plant, the Building of Which Broke All Speed Records for War-Time Construction
An Industrial Chemical Achievement in New Jersey
Facts and Figures: The Savannah River Plant of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
The First Fifty Years at Carney's Point
Newport News: History of the Newport Plant
DuPont Will Close New Jersey Plant
DuPont - 77 Years Along The Niagara
Expansion of Du Pont Plant Facilities