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Statement, automobile accident
Group photographs in 1910 Model H Franklin
Rowboat on Lake Hopatcong
Correspondence, William Lang Durban
Photograph album
Various family photographs
Maxim Park grounds
Hudson and Lillian Durban Maxim in automobile
Hudson and Lillian Durban Maxim
Family photo in 1910 Model H Franklin
Camp Rye, Nashville
Lillian Durban Maxim portrait
Hudson Maxim, Reminiscences and Comments, As Reported by Clifton Johnson
Lillian Durban Maxim portraits
Lillian Durban Maxim
Lillian Durban Maxim portraits
Correspondence, Reverend William and Mary Ann Lang Durban
Correspondence, Isaac Weston and Harriet B. Maxim
Correspondence, Annetta Louisa Durban
Correspondence, Mary Ann Elizabeth Durban
Correspondence, William Lang Durban