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I've had no peace since it started whistling!
It buzzes so much they think the queen bee's inside
It happened when we tuned in shortwave
And I'd like to take care of all the radios
Good you came, I was about to do my own troubleshooting
Phew! I have been rushed since I put up that sign
It jangles when it should jingle
My husband says it's a leaky condenser
I couldn't see the game, now I can't hear it
It sounded flat, so he's trying to pump up the tubes
My radio---it just started whistling!
See what I mean about it squealing?
It does that on every high note
Tell her! It's the radio not a mouse squeak!
It's the bird caller's convention
The reception's been a little foggy lately!
You're right ma'am - it is burned out!
It won't stop whistling
My vacation, and all I get is police calls