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Subway-surface under City Hall
New Market-Frankford Line cars
Wilmington Shops
Broad Street Suburban Station, track 6B west
Broad Street Suburban Station interiors
New Silverliner train at Paoli
Model of Broad Street Suburban Station
Pennsylvania Railroad improvements
Views of 30th Street Station
Groundbreaking ceremonies, Broad Street Suburban Station
Commuters boarding new Silverliner at Levittown Station on the PRR's Trenton-Levittown line
Display for new Silverliner cars
Window display for Silverliner cars
SEPACT notice posted on an utility pole
Broad Street Station and Suburban Station aerial view
Design for concourse shopping at Penn Center
Design for Penn Center ice skating rink
Infrastructure and operational improvements of the SEPTA regional rail system
Speed lines to city and suburbs : A summary of rapid transit development in metropolitan Philadelphia from 1879 to 1974 [typescript]
Transit: Lifestream of a Metropolis
Works :  Photographs of Enterprise