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Argentine Linseed Oil Compound
State of North Dakota Seed Department letterhead
Cotton Publishing Co. billhead
M.J. Olsen Co. letterhead
C.S. Crane & Co. billhead
Samuel Cabot Inc. letterhead
Envelope with Printed Logo
D.B. Cole billhead
Illustrated letterhead from Eavenson & Sons Toilet & Laundry Soaps
Retail statement of account
Bush & Co. Soap Manufacturing Company billhead
Kelly, Dunne & Co. billhead
Charles R. Allen letterhead
E.W. Caddick letterhead
Invoice on illustrated letterhead
Camden & Philadelphia Soap Co. letterhead
J.E. Crandall billhead
F.W. Devoe & Co. billhead
Binghamton Soap Works billhead
Leon Clerc billhead
Newday Seeds Inc. letterhead
Butterine Department billhead