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Nuclear powered passenger cargo ship (interior diagram)
Computerized fax by satellite illustration
Wear-Ever / Proctor-Silex 'Product Design Process' flow chart
Flow chart of water clarification process, Armco Steel Corporation (Ashland, Ky.)
Blooming mill, spindles, and pinion gears
Schematic elevation of lake-front blast furnace
Cross-section diagram of a blast furnace
Drawing of hot-blast stove designed by W. Crossley
Perspective cutaway of blast furnace
Manufacture of structural steel by open hearth process, Pencoyd Iron Works (Pencoyd, Pa.)
Schematic diagram depicting method of unloading coal from barges or railroad cars
Diagram, 'The coking process view from above', Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Scale drawing of induction furnace
Scale drawing of arc melting furnace
Television, How it Works (ca. 1936)
Automobile Digest Wiring Diagram : Ajax Six (Nash Light Six)
Switching a Call in Progress