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Statement, automobile accident
Patent rights transfers to E.I. du Pont de Nemours, 1904-1910
Affadavit, Maxim-Schupphaus patent
Legal agreements, Stabilite
Certificate of naturalization issued to E. I. du Pont by the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware, 1804-11-03
Statement of Patrick O'Hara
Statement distributing funds to the heirs of Henry Kyle
Statement of the heirs of Henry Kyle, Jr., 1843-07-17
Statement by Alfred Victor du Pont, 1863-06-05
Statement by Alfred Victor du Pont to the heirs of Henry Kyle, 1845-02-27
Translation, Articles of Associations of the Establishment of a Woolen Factory on the Brandywine
Articles d'association pour l'etablishment d'une manufacture de Laines sur le Brandywine
Memorandum of Agreement, 'Defenseless America'
Memorandum of Agreement, November 1898
Memorandum of Agreement, U.S. Department of the Navy