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Women of Enterprise Awards [1987]
The Four Freedoms War Bond Show
Saratoga Official Program
Program for the White Hall Fire Works, July 4th, 1866
Official Program for the Montpelier Horse Show 1929
24th Annual Dinner Meeting of the DuPont 25 Year Club
Dedication of the William G. McGowan School of Business
Official souvenir program : American Historical Review Motion Picture Exposition and Monroe Doctrine centennial, Los Angeles, California, July 2nd to August 4th, 1923
Commemorating the completion of Empire State, April 16, 1931
Souvenir program Richland Day Sept. 2, 1946
American Foreign Trade Relations, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Political Science in the City of New York
Program, Annual Dinner of the Academy of Political Science, 1926-11-17
Show No. 547: 'The Du Pont Chorus'