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DuPont Vinyl Upholstery
DuPont Town and Country Exterior Colors
DuPont Shadow Moods
DuPont Lucite wall paint and Duco Satin Sheen enamel
DuPont Lucite wall paint
Retail Salesman's Pocket Reference; DuPont Consumer Paints
DuPont House and Garden Colors
Retail Salesman's Pocket Reference for DuPont Consumer Paints
Painting ideas by the dozen!
Lucite Exterior Colors Wood and Masonry
Duco Hi-Gloss enamel
DuPont Lucite wall paint and interior enamel
Porch and floor enamel
DuPont Spray Paint Samples
Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co. fabric swatch
Brooks Brothers Fabric Sample
Bellevue Wallpaper Sample