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Every Department Store Is a Showcase of DuPont Finishes
The Cocoanut's Package Calls for X-Ray Eyes ... : DuPont Cellophane
Nature Shows Her Onions : She Gives Them a Protective, Transparent Skin Almost as Good as DuPont Cellophane Itself!
There's a Business Parade Every Day in Your Town - And There's Business Profit in Being a Leader of It! : Duco - Made Only By DuPont
Consider the Egg! One of Nature's Most Perfect Packages ... and DuPont Cellophane Goes Nature's Finest Packages One Better
Duco - Easy To Apply : Dries Quickly - Beautiful
Duco - Easy To Apply : Dries Quickly - Beautiful
I Know What I Am Getting
To the Family Whose Car Runs Better Than It Looks : Duco - Made Only by DuPont
Keep That Showroom Complexion : Use # 7 Duco Polish on Your Car