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Hot metal mixers ready to receive molten iron
Roughing stand of a plate mill built by Mesta Machine Company
Open pit mine in Great Lakes region
Blooming mill, spindles, and pinion gears
Loading an ore carrier at a Great Lakes shipping point
Schematic elevation of lake-front blast furnace
Temper mill
Schematic diagram depicting method of unloading coal from barges or railroad cars
Two stand tandem mill for tempering tinplate
Modern 70-ton Heroult electric furnace
Modern three zone reheating furnace
Five stand tandem mill for tin plant
Ingot buggy or transfer car delivering a ingot to blooming mill
Electrolytic tinning line used for continuous electric deposition of tin
Hot coke dropping into quench car
Ore yard ore beneficiating conveyor system
Ore unloaders at Great Lakes region blast furnace
Blast furnace with stoves
Pusher side of coke-ovens