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Scrapbook of film stills
Company Christmas card, 1947
Cinecraft staff and crew with Reed Hadley
Ray Culley in director's chair
'Miracle on Mulberry St.' film still
Ray Culley and Richard Nixon
'Sales are the Payoff' production stills
'A Fan Family Album' production still
'You Bet Your Life' cast and crew
Cinecraft staff and crew with Danny Kaye
'From Now On' cast and crew
Production still
Generator truck and employees
Employee caricatures
Cinecraft staff and crew with Don Ameche
'It all Adds Up' advertisement
Production still
Ray Culley, Julius Potocsny, and Chet Huntley
Production still
'It Happened in the Kitchen' production stills
'Ohio, the Growth State' production stills
'Ohio Story' production still
Cinecraft staff and crew with Dorothy Carnegie
Company Christmas card, 1946
Scrapbook of film stills