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Robert Andrews Millikan, Messel Medalist (1928) of the Society of Chemical Industry
Hawksley, Wild & Co. Ltd. Patent Flanged Flued Boiler, Sheffield
Julius Lewkowitsch fraternity picture
Photomicrographs of Fat Crystals
Katherine Lewkowitsch with three companions
Hermann Franz Moritz Kopp, German chemist
Ernst Christian Friedrich Schering, German apothecary and industrialist
Alfred Russel Wallace, British scientist
Oliver Wolcott Gibbs, American chemist
Henry Edward Schunck, British chemist
Katherine Lewkowitsch
Photomicrographs of Fat Crystals
Katherine Lewkowitsch
Joseph Lister, British surgeon
Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy, German chemist
Bolton's photomicrographs of fat crystals
Rudolf Christian Bottger, German inorganic chemist
Ferdinand Hurter, Swiss industrial chemist
John Glover, British chemist, born 1817
Hermann von Helmholtz, German physicist