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Marigold Oleomargarine
Mission Soap and Candle Works
Puttners Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil
Save ten cents and feel beautiful
Pearline soap trade card featuring 'Champion St. Bernard 'Otho' winner of 31 first prizes'
Maple City Self Washing Soap
Packer's Soap
I have just been washed with Tidy Soap
James Pyle's Pearline
Higgins' German Laundry Soap is the Best for Laundry and Family Use
Shawmut Soap
Koko Soap, 'A soap for all purposes'
'Our Bleacher' Soap
Use Sapolio for all cleaning!
Queen Lily Soap
A Heart-y Trial Will Convince the Most Skeptical
Packer's Tar Soap
Maize Flour Toilet Soap
Save Ten Cents and Feel Cleaner
Buy Napheys' Philadelphia Leaf Lard
Norcross butter separator
Player's Cigarettes, Coco-Nuts, 4