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Swift's Jersey Butterine
Swift's Premium Oleomargarine
The cotton press and mule so slow, creak 'Kandi Kubes,' as 'round they go
Swift's Premium Oleomargarine
Fleurs de Provence
Star Linseed Oil Co.
Ask Your Grocer For H. Thompson's Grand Soap
Use Silver Soap
William Roper Manufacturing Co. Laundry & Toilet Soap Powders and Cleaning Compounds
My Mama used Wool Soap/I wish mine had
Ivorine, the wonderful cleanser
Williams' Granulated Charter Oak and Other Soaps
Schultz's Fatherland Soap
Why don't all babies have hair like this?
John Reardon & Sons Leading Soaps Anchor Oval, Antique and Extra Family Soaps
Star Soap: Best for Family Use
Creme Oatmeal Toilet Soap
Scourene (Red Band) for House Cleaning
Clean Sweep Soap...The Greatest Detergent of the Age
My Mama used Wool Soap/I wish mine had
Eureka Granulated Soap
Pure Lucca Oil
Vermont Manufacturing Co., Butterine is the Best