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It will pay you to keep this in sight
Rowley & Hermance, Williamsport, Pa., manufacturers of wood working machinery
Smokeless Powder Wanted
With the Air Service
Criticism is often due to misunderstanding. Get acquainted with your town's industries : help build up - not destroy!
Safety first : industrial patriotism always
But do you realize : that while formerly there was plenty for all-- food, money, labor, supplies-- now there is not enough to go around?
We are vitally interested in the development of our town : nothing that injures its business can possibly benefit any of us
The best form of monopoly for capital or labor is co-operation
Every Business Has Three Partners : You Are One Of The Partners
Every Business Has Three Partners : You Are One Of The Partners
Mr. Consumer : when legislation makes business dance you have to pay the fiddler
Industry Is Of the people By the people For the people : Let us all get together
62,000 laws enacted in four years in the United States. Many of them unnecessarily hampered your industry : tell your legislator you want fewer and better laws
Our Service Flag
High Explosives and Black Powder
The success of this Business Depends on the Co-operation of Every Employe From Errand Boy to Manager
The man at the bench is the co-worker of the man in the office : let's get together for the common good
Boost your job! The booster uses a knocker to open the door, but the knocker never enters : which will you be?
National prosperity depends upon industrial peace
Shells! Shells!
Do you realize : that we are at war?
Khaki and Blue
American industry