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Miscellaneous Records of the Oklahoma City Motor Car Dealers Association, 1937-1965
RCA Victor Company, Producer's contract with Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. (1946-1956)
RCA Victor Company, Producer's contract with Republic Productions, Inc. (1945-1956)
Legal agreements, Stabilite
U.S. Navy Recruit Training production proposal
Cinecraft - Bicycle Safety proposal documentation
Jerome B. Gray & Company Relocation Announcement
Naturalmente es F.M.! production script
Naturally It's F.M.! production materials
Miracle on Mulberry Street production materials
Report on DDT production materials
Fan Family Album production materials
A Better Way production materials
Anything We Can Do We Can Do Better and Where's Joe? production materials
Letter, Emery Contracting Company, Winchester, Kentucky
Letter, Dixie Contracting Company, Nashville, Tennessee
Letter, Casparis Stone Company, Columbus, Ohio
Letter, Bell Lumber Company, Marion, South Carolina