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Fair Talk, News of the Du Pont Exhibit at the 1940 World's Fair
Balances used by Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Born a Thousand Years Too Late ...
Las Maravillas de la quimica
Memorandum on Teflon, 1946-04-10
Explosive Service Bulletin, What is the Proper Position for the Detonator in a Charge of Explosive?
W.C. Murray, metallurgist, and W. Kuebler, Chief Chemist, in the foundry laboratory
Camera Obscura from laboratory of Antonie Laurent Lavoisier
Display about chemistry during the Depression at DuPont Company exhibit in Atlantic City, New Jersey
J.J. Gallagher and J. McDaniel, assistant chemists in the foundry laboratory
The Wonderful World of Chemistry, part 1 and part 2
Glass flasks