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Tone - full, deep, resonant...
Tone fidelity!
The Equasonne : Magnificent
More to enjoy : Motorola hi-fi. High-value hi-fi...
More to enjoy : Motorola Radio. He knows the score
The soldier without an army
The Equasonne
Fame for a cellist or a radio is won by colorful tone
Preferred above all others...the great clarinetist--
Waiting to play for you [Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra]
The Sound System Market
Pioneer Electronics advertisement
"Power Detection"...a true development in radio progress
In the beginning was a Word
School sound, West Philadelphia Girls High School, 1936
Orchestra at Walt Whitman using amplifier, 1936
PG-142 and PG-143 Equipment, 1943
Photophone Installation, New York, 1937
Speakers, 1937
Speaker Combination PG-134, 1940