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Corporate Responsibility, 1979. Session D-2.
Corporate Responsibility, 1979. Session D-1.
Herbert McLean Purdy to Helena Raskob, 1950-11-05
Clippings and articles, Macaroni Journal (1978)
Clippings and articles, Industrial Design magazine (1966)
Package Designers Council  Person of the Year Award
Interview with Sam Calagione, 2016 January 21
Interview with Matthew Sebastionelli, 2016 March 11
Report and Recommendations to Industry of the N.A.M. Committee on Cooperation with Churches (1943)
Faith in a creative society
52 Success Talks on the Logic of Business and Philosophy of Life
The Value of Character in Business
Carl M. Vorder Bruegge to William G. McGowan
Carl M. Vorder Bruegge to William G. McGowan
It's Your Business: American Business: Does Management Measure Up?
"Car Dealer and Code of Ethics": 69 News: WFMZ-TV (UBvid_NADA_B06_(IND) Allentown: November 20, 2002 6:00-6:30 PM
NADA-TV 2003 Excerpts: Code of Ethics
Joseph A. Collier to John J. Raskob, 1928-09-14
International Design Assistance Commission documents
The Richest Man in Babylon Tells His System
Some Questions and Answers . . . (1943)
It's Your Business: U.S. Business in South Africa: A Moral Dilemma
Clippings and articles, Drug Trade News (1969)