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Labeling jars of ripe olives
Automatically conveying olives
Racking room, where fruit juice (from olives) is separated from water by gravity
Preparing bottles of olive oil for shipment, near San Diego, California.
Wrapping bottles of olive oil ready for shipment. Sylmar, Calif.
Sterilizing cans of ripe olives
Press room during olive oil production
Taking olives from storage bins to conveyer for olive oil making. Sylmar, Calif.
Automatic capping of pint cans of ripe olives. From 10,000 to 15,000 cans per day, Sylmar, Calif.
When They "Come for a Minute" and Stay for a meal
Food and shipping
Filling bottles with olive oil
Filling cans with olive oil
Keystone cultivated hothouse mushrooms
Elgin Filling Machines
Franco-American soups : how they are made