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Miscellaneous postcard
Man wearing overalls standing in doorway holding a cat
Three unidentified women on porch with a cat
Black and white cat sitting on a chair
Emile Krauss and family
Anne Pyle and her children playing with puppies and kittens
Groups in rowboats at small river dock
Merritt B. Seal with cats
Edward and Thurley Welch playing with Keystone Express wagon
Marion Graham Nimlet
Christmas postcard
Miscellaneous postcard
Louisa d'Andelot Rasmussen (b.1936) with cat
Phillips Academy, Mrs. Tilton's cat
3500 Powelton Ave., Mrs. Tagrin with two dogs and a cat
Sons of Harold R. Ash and Edith E. Ash
Nine Lives!
Silent Magic
Help Wanted!