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Best made, highest grade, Hamilton Carhartt & Co., Detroit, Mich.
Union Special Machine Co. : Makers of Special Sewing Machines for all Manufacturing Purposes
Weaving silk bands and bindings for Stetson hats
Cutting fur for Stetson hats
Flanging Stetson soft hats
Forming Stetson hat bodies
Factories of the John B. Stetson Company, Philadelphia
Finishing Stetson soft hats
Sizing Stetson hat bodies
Soft hat finishing
One of the girls' cafeterias
A section of soft hat trimming
Sizing department
Gathering of Stetson employees in the Stetson Auditorium for Christmas Exercises
Rules for lunch hour
Rest room
McNeely & Company in Philadelphia, Pa.
Annie and Nora Edwards to folks at home, 1888-06-03
Rachel Medgorden to Nora Edwards, 1889-07-29
Industry on Parade: To clothe a nation