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University of Nebraska bookstore
Chandler Laboratory building at Lehigh University
Boston University bookstore pamphlet
University of California campus center food court
Boston University, George Sherman Union
Teflon Coated Fibers: La Verne College
Boston University bookstore publicity materials
'Strategies for College Store Design'
Boston University bookstore
University of Cincinnati bookstore
Duke University, Gothic Book Shop
University of Minnesota bookstore and convenience store
Boston University, Market Place Retail and Cafe
Duke University, Gothic Book Shop
'Distinguish Your College Store' brochure
'Blue Chip Interiors' article
Cafe Charles, Boston University Bookstore Mall Survey Research Project
Boston University, Ferretti's and Sons Sandwich Shop
'Your New Union Building' brochure
Advance (Spring, 1960)
The Faculty Office: A System of Furniture and Structure
Rogers building
Walker building
South Bethlehem, Lehigh University