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The Business of Electronic Journalism and MCI
19th Annual Sperry Univac Spring Technical Symposium - 'Local (Voice, Data, Video) Networks'
The Data Communications Market, A Strategy for Entry
NFSNET Annual Report 1990, November 19, 1989 - November 19, 1990
The Effect of Data Transmission on the Telephone Common Carrier System
William G. McGowan Speech at the National Research Council
Information Technology, New Dimension in Business Strategy
The Global Information Imperative
Link to the Future
Data Transmission Trends and Future Circuit Needs
Report of Joint WUI MCI Task Force on Future Domestic Data and Record Network
The Computer Comes to Marketing
Projection '70: Communications
Remarks of William G. McGowan before the IEEE Communications Convention
Ozark Air Lines: Up There with the Biggest
The Catalyst
MCI: Intranet
Broadband Services