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How to penetrate the prejudice and restore the true image of bottled beer
Why Patients Don't Love You Anymore
A conversation with Dr. Ernest Dichter
To Buy or Not to Buy
Executive summary of the pilot motivational research study on beer packaging
Summary of a psychological research study on the sales and advertising problems of Palmolive soap
Better Living (November/December, 1958)
An executive summary of a motivational research study of the current cigar smoking climate
The adolescent soap market: Development of soap attitudes in young women and girls with specific reference to Palmolive soap
Understanding Markets: Information, Institutions, and History
Better Living (July/August, 1969)
Do You Really Want to Create More Effective T.V. Commercials?
Motivational Research Study in the Field of Toys for Mattel Toys, Inc.
A motivational research study of the advertising problems of Clapp's baby food
Value, Innovation, Quality, 1981-1982
Survey of Laundry Patrons findings report
Better Living (September/October, 1955)