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Chas. Burnham & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Brown & Bailey Company in Philadelphia, Pa.
The evolution of the glass container industry
Boxal (Alusuisse Metals, Inc.) - Decorations
Boxal (Alusuisse Metals, Inc.) - Prize Winning BOXAL aerosol cans
Boxal (Alusuisse Metals, Inc.) - CSMA First Prize Award: USA, Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association Personal Product Category
Boxal (Alusuisse Metals, Inc.) - Boxal aerosol cans
Report on Consumer Behavior and Attitudes Relative to the Storage of Leftover Foods
Industrial plastics : special edition: tanks, mixers, pumps, pipe, valves, fittings
Greater Convenience Offered in New Glass Package for Beer
Turning Waste into Profit : The Duty of the Slemmer Canner
Bliss Can Making Equipment
How to merchandise with corrugated boxes
Genuine Boyd's porcelain lined caps for Mason's jars : none genuine unless the porcelain lining has the imprint
National Container Corporation
Kieckhefer Container Company
Kieckhefer Container Company
Factory at Camden Kieckhefer Container Company