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Cut slabs, Great Lakes Steel Division, National Steel Corporation (Detroit, Mich.)
Output end of continuous slab caster, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Ladle and tundish for continuous caster, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Continuous slab caster cutting
Four strand continuous billet caster
Continuous caster teeming ladle and tundish
Strands on way to cutting machine at continuous caster
Mesta-Demag continuous caster, ladle turret, and tundish
Two strand continuous billet caster, Southern Electric Steel Company
Continuous caster teeming ladle and tundish
Control rooms at new continuous caster
Continuous slab caster runout and cutting tables
Continuous caster torch cut-off, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Four strand continuous billet caster, South Works, United States Steel Corporation (Chicago, Ill.)
Continuous caster teeming ladle being placed on transfer car
Continuous Casting at Middletown: A New Era