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The Great Churn
Washing 1,000 pounds of freshly churned butter
Story of milk - removing butter from a machine churn
Emulsion churn diagram
Emulsion churn diagram
Belt-driven Anglo-American Kettle No. 65a, and Steam Moulding Machine No. 130b.
Norcross butter separator
Turning Idea - Chemicals Into Dollars : How a Milder, Safer Detergent for Dairy Equipment Was Developed ... With Acid
J.G. Koehler, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
De Laval cream separator no. 17 : instruction manual with dairy department supplement
Employee with pail in milk house at Wawa Dairy Farms
Weigh room in the milk house of Wawa Dairy Farms
Employee in the weigh room in the milk house at Wawa Dairy Farms
Reid's Square Can Creamery
Hansen's Celebrated Danish Butter Coloring