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DuPont Reach tooth brush design concept
DuPont Reach tooth brush design concept
DuPont Toiletries
Pilot Research Project regarding Bon Dent Denture Cleanser
Vorschlag zu einer Motivstudie ueber die Voraussetzungen und Psychologischen Auswinkungen der Bekaempfung der Karies mit 'Anti - Karies - Zuckerwaren'
Resistance still to be Conquered
A Preliminary Summary of the Research Findings Concerning the Introduction and Sale of Electric Toothbrushes, in France
Etude Motivationnelle sur le Probleme concernant le Lancement d'une Brosse a Dents Electrique en France (French)
Proposal for a Survey of Dentists' Attitudes toward Broxodent
Current Attitudes of Dentists toward Broxodent
Proposition pour une Etude sur la Brosse a Dents 'Broxodent'
Motivational Study on the Problem Concerning the Launch of an Electric Toothbrush in France (English)
Evaluation of an Advertisement for E. R. Squibb & Sons (Broxodent Automatic Toothbrush)