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RCA Victor Company President's Reports to the Board (1931-1932)
Victor Talking Machine Company, Executive Committee minutes (1927-1929)
June Croll at Jobless March
Crisis and Consequence
Crowd across the street from New York Stock Exchange at start of the Great Depression
Readjustments Required for Recovery
Statement by Robert M. Harriss of New York Before the Ways and Means Committee Hearing, April 14, 1932, in Connection with the Bonus Bill
Chrysler Chronicles, Segment 3 of 8
The Forgotten Tenth, An Analysis of Unemployment among Negroes in the United States and its Social Costs : 1932-1933
Workers' Council Series No. 3 / Any New Deal can be the Same Old Deal
Migrant family during Great Depression
Walls family shanty home
Unemployment insurance underwriting portrait
Walls family, mother with children, in front of shanty home
Security, National Conference on Economic Security
What the election means for American industry : address at the semi-annual meeting of the National Industrial Conference Board
The depression : its causes and the way out, April 12, 1932