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Correspondence, Evelina du Pont to Henry Algernon du Pont, 1861-08-18
Percival Drayton to Samuel Francis du Pont, 1862-03-11
A Travers la Désert avec les Six-Roues Renault
Desert in Northern Mexico
North mountains from Charles Augustus Belin's new swimming pool in Tucson, Ariz.
Desert in Northern Mexico
Desert in Northern Mexico
Scene in the tropics in Mexico
Looking north from Charles Augustus Belin's new residence in Tucson, Ariz.
Unidentified women on camels
Lost on the Desert : an Illustrated Story
20,000 Km. Autour du Sahara sur une 8/10 Ariès
Mission Transafricaine Peugeot
Sagebrush and sand near Hanford Engineering Works
Desert surrounding Hanford Engineering Works