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A Report to Management: Solving the Problem of In-Office Feeding
Auto-Snak machine at Columbia University
Soda vending machine
Potato salad and fruit cocktail in cherry jello
Ice cream vending machine
Campbell's Tomato Soup vending machine
Rosebud Milk/chocolate milk vending machine
Sandwich vending machine
Back of machine
Auto-Snak machine at Marquette University
Auto-Snak machine at Budd Wheel Plant
Pastries vending machine
People using Auto-Snak machine
Auto-Snak machine at the Budd Wheel Plant
Auto-Snak machine at unidentified locations
Auto-Snak machine at Goodrich School
Active kitchen
Active kitchen
Automatic Catering at Budd
QSR Smart Chain (February 2010)
QSR Smart Chain (February 2020)
Automatic coffee vending machine
Vitrolite Sanitary Tables and Counters