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Montpelier Supply Company Certificate of Incorporation, 1911-10-10
Election Day, Stirling's Store at Fleming's Corner
Montpelier Supply Company Meeting Minutes, 1911-10-11
John S. Miller's general store and other buildings
Horse and buggy outside of general store
Grubb's & Palmer's Store
Horse and cart outside of Henry (Harry) Gallagher's general store (Chadds Ford, Pa.)
Buck Bridge Community Store
Montpelier Supply Company
North Christiana District Polls at Sterling's Store on Montchanin Road
Interview with Mary Collins Griffith, 2001 January 26 [transcript]
Fleming's, Sterling's (Hunters's) Corner, Election Day, 1898
Interior View of Lukens Employees Cooperative Store
19th Century Community Stores
General stores complete, combined shops, boiler house, power house and filtration plant under construction
Lime Storage Building, Blending Towers, Continuous Dry Houses, Coal Handling Plant, General Stores, Nos. 1 & 2