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Chains, harnesses, buckles, etc.
Bells and carriage hardware
Bells and carriage hardware
Faucets, valves, and other machinery
Hoopes & Townsend, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Iron tools, wheels and other implements
Faucets and hydrants
Faucets and hydrants
Iron Age
Teflon-S: National Hardware Show 1969
National Lock Company Insists on managing its own business...
Parker Appliance Company Plant
Enterprise Manufacturing Co.,#1, Cornwells, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Bolt & Nut Company in Lebanon, Pa.
Haney, White, & Company in Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas Devlin & Company, National Hardware & Malleable Iron Works in Philadelphia, Pa.
Mansion House & Bright and Lerch Warehouse in Reading, Pa.
Reading Hardware Company
Baltimore Enamel and Hardware Company, Baltimore (Md.)
1929-1966, Thirty-Seven Years of Service
Fasteners for Progress production materials