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Certificate of Incorporation of Foxcatcher Farms, Inc.
Foxcatcher Farms Horses Sold at Sale on December 3, 1932
Chestnut colt No. 4
Chestnut colt No. 6
Chestnut Colt No. 1
Brown colt No. 14
William Wanamaker to William du Pont, 1917-04-16
Famous Stallion Sells for $4,600
Foxcatcher Farms Racing Operations Season 1936
Foxcatcher Farms 1936 Races
General Instructions Outlining the Policy for the Encouragement of Breeding Riding Horses, War Department of the United States
Ira Nichols to Charles K. Lennig, 1900-05-01
Pedigree and Performance Background of MISSILE
Harold Snowden to William du Pont, Jr., 1960-01-21
J. G. Truman to William du Pont, 1916-11-27
E. B. White to William du Pont, 1917-03-28
Louise Lott Bedford to William du Pont, Jr., 1927-1931?
R. D. Conely, D.V.M. to William du Pont, Jr., 1954-10-08
Auction catalog entitled Complete Dispersal of Foxcatcher Farms, Inc.
Jockey Contract for Charles Smoots, 1929-07-01