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72nd Congress of American Industry (December 1967)
Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Journal, v. 12, no. 11
Ernst Christian Friedrich Schering, German apothecary and industrialist
Mrs. Nixon Greets NAM Board Wives at the White House (undated)
John J. Raskob to Alfred P. Sloan
Charles M. Schwab portrait
Henry Whitaker (1793-1849)
Horse-drawn vehicle outside the Whitaker home
Robert Whitaker's 1905 Royal Tourist Automobile
Rollin White of White brothers with steam auto
Cedar Grove (the old mansion)
Robert and Middy McDaniel Whitaker
Industrialist of the year selection committee (1967)
Sitting room, Cedar Grove (Whitaker's home)
Domestic interior
Sitting room, Cedar Grove (Whitaker's home)
Domestic interiors
Mahlon Betts, 1795-1867
George Westinghouse