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Japanese Top Management Project (February 1962)
RCA Victor Division, historical data of subsidiary companies
Interview with Jim Flynn, 2017 April 4 and 2017 April 17
Eaton Today
Better Living (Summer, 1971)
Better Living (November/December, 1965)
Better Living (Winter, 1972)
Federation of British Industries luncheon (March 1961)
Conference for Professor Giuseppe Togni (August 1960)
Italian visitors (1960)
Belgian Minister Conference (undated)
Mark S. Fowler to William G. McGowan
U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute Course Catalog 1983-1984
Bert C. Roberts Jr. to William G. McGowan
Bennett H. Berman to Distribution
U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute
Michael R. Gardner to Joseph V. Charyk
William G. McGowan to John Doe
Chilean Manufacturers Association study team (July 1961)
Japan Federation of Employers Associations study team (July 1961)
Ford : a global corporation
Stetson hats the world over : the story of fifty years of Stetson foreign business
Doing Business Across Borders