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Iron ore possibilities, Oriskany Mine and vicinity, Virginia
Reports on the Arcadia Furnace Iron Property, comprising 24,000 acres of land and a blast furnace, with water power, located near Buchanan, Virginia, on the James River, and the line of the Richmond and Alleghany Railroad : also, a view of James River Rol
The Romance of Iron and Steel
Unloading ore and loading steel, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Lackawanna, N.Y.)
Ore unloaders at Great Lakes region blast furnace
Loading lake boat with rails, Lackawanna Plant, Bethlehem Steel Company (Lackawanna, N.Y.)
Ocean ore carriers unloading, Sparrows Point plant, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Sparrows Point, Md.)
Great lakes ore carrier John Sherwin unloading, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Lackawanna, N.Y.)
Great lakes ore carrier William H. Donner (Lackawanna, N.Y.)
Hulett ore unloader at work
Hulett ore unloaders (Conneaut, Ohio)
Schematic elevation of lake-front blast furnace
Harbor and blast furnaces, Gary Steel Works (Gary, Ind.)
Great lakes ore carrier, Peter Roberston, at Republic Steel Corporation blast furnaces (Cleveland, Ohio)
Hulett ore unloaders and ore carrier at blast furnace dock (Chicago, Ill.)
Unloading iron ore or taconite, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Burns Harbor, Ind.)
Up the Line in '53
The Iron Horse Goes North
The Iron Horse Goes North production script
The Romance of Iron and Steel production script