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Rough-turning spokes on lathe, from 'The Wooden Wheel Industry'
Lathe in operation at Hoopes, Bro. & Darlington sawmill (Brooksville, Fla.)
The Universal
Manual training classroom at Delaware State College in Dover, Del.
Atlas bench lathe : operating instructions and list of attachments
9-in. junior back geared screw cutting lathe in various types with attachments, tools and accessories
Sloan & Chace Mfg. Co., Ltd. : manufacturers of precision machinery and special tools
James L. Busch, operator of 160-inch lathe
R. H. Jarvis, lathe operator
R.N. Williams, lathe operator in Brass Department
Frank Barnard, lathe operator in Department P-20
E. Stoffner, lathe operator in Brass Department
Erectors of the 160-inch lathe
Machine Tools Suitable for Automobile Repair Shops and Garages