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Keen's Eagle Brand truck
Stidham Work Butcher truck
Stidham Work Butcher truck
Workers in slaughterhouse or meat packing plant
Murray Iron Works, Burlington, Iowa
H.L. Dunlap truck
M.D. McMullen truck
Butcher shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, selling horse meat
QSR Smart Chain (March 2013)
E. P. Hamlin to John J. Raskob, 1936-03-14
Illustrated letterhead from J. Bartles & Co.
Lard and hams
Lard and hams
Raynor & Bro. delivery wagon
Pittsburgh-Erie's guide to better power saw performance
Pesco Pete's guide to better meat-chopper performance
Using Kitchen Fats: Bake and Fry with Fats Saved in the Kitchen
'Agriculture in the Ohio Heritage' panel guide
'Agriculture in the Ohio Heritage'
Packaging label, Wawa Cooked Ham
Wawa packaging label, Valley Run Pepper Loaf
Philadelphia Abbatoir in Philadelphia, Pa.