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Advanced Media Training: A Program of NADA's Public Affairs Group, September 2003
Interview with Matthew Farber, PhD, 2016 February 5
MCI School of Telecommunications Management
MCI School of Telecommunications Management
Remarks by William G. McGowan Before the National Telecommunications Education Committee
Contact! MCI Executive Seminar, March 20-21 1975
Contact! MCI Executive Seminar, October 10-12, 1974
NAM action on current issues - education
U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute Course Catalog 1983-1984
Bert C. Roberts Jr. to William G. McGowan
Bennett H. Berman to Distribution
U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute
Michael R. Gardner to Joseph V. Charyk
The training of Saudi Arab employees : Arabian American Oil Co.
The Ambiguities of Work: Knowledge, Power, and Culture
The Dealer in Crisis: NADA's Automotive Youth Educational Systems Program
The Dealer in Crisis: What You Need To Know, October 11, 2007
NADA Turbo-Charged Seminar, Dealership Inventories