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Shoe and leather and collateral branches correspondence
Blacking (shoe polish)
Nylon Achieves Cold-Weather Boots of Lightweight, Warmth, and Style
Whittemore's shoe polishes
Whittemore's shoe polishes
Whittemore's shoe polishes
E.E. Nock Houses in Philadelphia, Pa.
Clinching Screw Fastened shoes
Bostonian Creates the Antique Look in Wood - Stained Corfam .
Corfam DuPont
Want To Catch a Tiger? Try To Be a Pussycat : Corfam
They save your heels from kicks and scuffs...and keep your shoes from looking tough!
The Soft - Lustred Bronze ... in Corfam DuPont
The 1000 Watt Shoe ... in Corfam
This tough brogue is a big softy : Corfam
Window display, shoes
Nunn Bush Stock Styles [Spring/Summer, 1933]
Goodrich zipper color harmony guide
Goodyear welt shoes : how they are made
Crisis at the Carsons!
The romance of shoemaking
The Step Into Tomorrow
McNeely & Company in Philadelphia, Pa.