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Industry on Parade: How are we doing?
Sperry Corp. Annual Meeting 1979
Annual Meeting 1978
Creative Establishment: DuPont Shareholders Meeting
Sperry Stockholders Meeting
Statement of Stockholdings in the Hinckley Brake Co., 1895-04-01
List of Preferred Stockholders in the E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, 1915-10-03
G. Probst 'Q & A' re Annual Meeting
1986 A/V Show Special Advertising Presentation
Better Living (January/February, 1948)
Remarks of William G. McGowan at the First Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Henri N. Dunn to William G. McGowan
Victor Kurtz to William G. McGowan
MCI Press Conference
Senior Management Stockholder Presentation
1984 Annual Meeting of Stockholders
Who Gets the Most of America's National Income?
MCI 1989 Annual Stockholder's Meeting
MCI Annual Stockholders' Meeting-Tape 1a
MCI Annual Stockholders Meeting Tape 2
1991 Stockholders' Meeting-Switched Master
1994 Annual Shareholders Meeting
1992 Annual Stockholders Meeting
1988 Annual Stockholders Meeting Source Tape #1 and Tape #2